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Enabling Your Communications

Onvoy is a leading Communications Enabler offering voice, messaging, and mobility solutions supported by our nationwide carrier-grade network.

We are committed to empowering our customers with the solutions and tools they need to enable global communications across various applications in a continuously changing environment. That’s why we are employing state of the art technology and providing our customers control of their core communications infrastructure via carrier platforms and APIs. These interfaces allow our customers to build, provision and support more innovative and integrated communication services without adding equipment or support staff – meaning faster speed to market and higher margins.

Onvoy has been in the business of supporting our customers with cutting edge telecommunications solutions since 1991. Onvoy provides an extensive array of voice and messaging communications services to meet the needs of today’s leading telecom carriers and services providers. Onvoy delivers API-driven origination, messaging, termination, 911 and toll free as well as traditional telephony services, including tandem, database and OS/DA. Our guiding principal has always been simple; listen to the customer because their success is prerequisite to our own. We proudly count all of the major wireless carriers and IXCs as customers as well as hundreds of CLEC and RLECs and VoIP providers.

We understand that every business is under pressure to do more with less and exceed customer expectations. Change is constant and only the agile survive. Onvoy can help your business respond to the demands of this new reality, so you can compete and stay ahead of the curve. Choose products a la carte or bundle them together – we will create the right size, right priced solution for your business.

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Enabling Your Communications

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