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Offering a Full Suite of Wholesale Services Since 1991

Onvoy NetworkOnvoy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Communications Infrastructure Investments, LLC. Onvoy was formed in 1991 to provide tandem and long distance services to hundreds of LEC end offices in Minnesota. Through the years, Onvoy added numerous services including SS7 and Database Services, Toll Free, Call Management Services and Transit Services and is now proud to offer DIDs nationwide. We are a full service provider for carriers ranging from VoIP providers to RLECs and CLECs.

Featured Product

Tandem and Transit Services


The Onvoy access tandem platform can provide switching between carriers for:

  • Originating 1+ long distance traffic
  • Originating 8XX Toll Free traffic
    (“Outbound Toll Free Connect”)
  • Terminating long distance traffic

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